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Free Practice Analysis

The National Health Bureau is committed to helping you achieve your personal and practice goals. To do this we need to understand your practice. Let’s start by having you answer the following questions.

We will review the information you provide us to get an overview and contact you immediately.

(Your Information will be treated confidentially. Items marked with * are required.)

Doctor's First Name*
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Please answer all questions below.

1. Do you have a fulltime marketer on staff?

2. Did you reach your patient goals last month?
3. Do you do most of the marketing yourself?
4. Do you currently have a reactivation program?
5. Do you currently have a patient referral program? 
6. Do you have a website? 
7. Do you have an email marketing campaign? 
8. Do you have a birthday marketing campaign? 
9. Do you host In-house workshops?
10. Do you host patient appreciation days? 
11.  Do you offer incentives for your staff? 
12. Do your have referral signs up in your office? 
13. Do you have testimonials up in your office? 
14. Do you have your own clinic brochure? 
15. Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? 
16. Do you currently participate in Health Fairs? 
17. Do you currently participate in Health Screenings? 
18. Do you currently participate in Health Talks? 
19. Do you currently participate in community events? 
20. Do you use massage therapist in your clinic?
21. Do you use paper advertising?
22. Do you offer school exams? 
23. Do you offer Gift certificates, Health Passes etc? 
24. Are you involved with a n-Profit Organization? 
25. Are you currently getting referrals from PI Attorneys?
26. Are you currently getting referrals from Dentist? 
27. Are you currently getting referrals from Physicians? 
28. Are you active with Press Releases or the Media? 
29. Do you currently have an APP or QR Code? 
30. Are you involved with Video Marketing?
31. Do you have an annual marketing plan? 

As a marketing specialist for the Healthcare professional we can help you double, triple, even quadruple you New Patient flow by Analyzing, Consulting, Designing and Implementing a multitude of campaigns for your clinic.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.


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